There’s little that can cause a bigger wedge between family members than money. One family member making considerably more than another can often lead to resentment. Other times, those who make less than others develop an expectation to be treated to fancy or glamorous things by their higher earning relatives. The constant of both scenarios, […] More
People Describe Their Absolute Worst Experiences At A Hospital
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Healthcare shouldn't be this complicated.

You feel sick? Go to the hospital. Have someone take care of you. Add on the complexities of insurance, the lack of good-faith instilled in doctors on hour 40 of their shift, and suddenly you have a stay that turns into a nightmare you can't escape from.

They only get worse from here.

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Trying to be there for a loved one in a hospital is difficult, especially when only one person at a time can be with them. When the hospital tells you your loved one wants someone else in the room with them, as Redditor throwaway5tkl5466 experienced, it can be hurtful. The original poster (OP) didn’t take […] More
People Divulge Which Things Are Socially Unacceptable Unless Done By A Professional
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We have no problem paying highly skilled, trained professionals to do the unique, difficult-to-tackle jobs for us. That's not the issue. The issue is if someone tries to do the thing others are paid and given time to learn to do without any of the training required. You ever try to check someone's teeth on public transit?

This is why we hire professionals.

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One of the best parts of getting home at the end of the day is the ability to be yourself—to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, and not have to worry about impressing or pleasing people with your outward appearance. This can, however, be complicated if you share a home with a roommate. Redditor […] More