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Straight Men Confess Who They Secretly Have A 'Man Crush' On

Reddit user winkeltwinkle asked: 'Straight men of Reddit who is the hottest man?'

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Norbert Buduczki on Unsplash

Personal preferences aside, there are some people that are almost universally recognized as physically attractive.

It's common in society for most people to comment on another person's looks.

But heterosexual men are generally discouraged from remarking on other men's appeal.

That doesn't mean they don't have man crushes though!

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Ridiculous Ways Straight Guys Have Tried To Hit On Lesbians

"Reddit user AdOk3759 asked: 'Lesbians of Reddit, what’s the most ridiculous thing a straight guy told you to talk you into having sex with them?'"

A woman wearing orange glasses stands against a white wall with the pride rainbow painted on it and her white jacket

Men and women and talking and flirting.

What a disaster that can be.

It's especially tricky when men flirt with women who are into women.

It sounds like a lot of gents can't take that obvious hint.

How this is STILL an issue in 2023 is beyond us all.

But here we are.

Gentlemen, please sit and read the following.

And then read it again.

Then share with your friends and male family.

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Straight Guys Explain How They'd React If They Were Asked Out By A Gay Man

Getting asked out often comes as a surprise, but it can be even more surprising if the one asking isn't someone you would expect.

Straight guys usually don't expect dating offers from gay or bi guys, so they can often be caught off guard when asked on a date. How they handle this surprise varies wildly between individuals, though.

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For many insecure fellas out there, anything that is not completely in line with the behavior of John Wayne in an old western film is to be avoided like the plague.

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