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Have you ever walked into a store, and just thought “dang, this is overwhelming"? Because I know I have. Specifically, the time when I walked into a certain boutique on 5th Avenue in NYC, because I'm a freelance writer, and I don't have 5th Avenue money. I'd consider those price points a rather painful experience.

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A transgender shopper has been sent a personal letter of apology from British retailer Marks & Spencer after staff refused to let them try on clothes in the menswear changing rooms.

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Working retail is the secret to being angry literally all the time.


Customer service is already difficult, but retail, with its low pay, long hours, and difficult streams of humans you're dealing with on a daily basis is enough to drive even the kindest, most sane human up a wall.

And when you get those people who seem determined to make it's anybody's guess what your next reaction will be, including yours.

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Redditor u/902I0 had some issues with his younger sibling's ridiculous antics and wanted to know how he should handle the situation. Nobody is perfect but some actions are just downright mind boggling and stupid. People's idea of "fun" these days can be infuriating. Listen to the story....

AITA for accusing my brother of replacing my wife's refrigerated breast milk with cow milk?

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Have you ever stopped to think about all of the deaths the internet is responsible for?

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