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People Share The Activities Their Body Told Them They Absolutely Must Stop Doing
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Getting older is inevitable.

Like everything else on the planet, over time the human body suffers the effects of wear and tear.

Joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, teeth, etc... are put through the ringer and eventually it begins to show.

Things we used to do with ease suddenly aren't so simple.

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There are some events and pastimes in life that everyone can't get enough of, and I wish they would just go away.

For the life of me I sometimes cannot understand the things that make people satisfied.

I swear there are people who like newborns, could just stare at sparkly objects.

And for them that could be a full day.

We have to agree that there are some activities that have outlasted their prime.

Let's investigate...

Redditor WinstonChurchillin wanted to hear all the popular things that need to come to end soon, but too many people won't let them die. They asked:

"What do others enjoy that you find painfully boring?"
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