Getting sober can be along and complicated process. Pushing forward and doing everything you can to not relapse takes time, effort, and the support of people close to you. Redditor MaterialTooth5120 is trying to provide that support for his friend. The original poster (OP) even promised their friend they could come see OP’s baby if […] More
Some people misunderstand that when a person steps away from an addiction, it doesn’t suddenly fix everything. There’s still a great deal of healing they have to go through. And there will unfortunately be people who will judge them every step of the way, admitted the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit. Redditor Technical_Run_2083 was […] More
When it comes to a game of cards where a good deal of money is at stake, there are either sore losers or good sports. Or there are unfair winners. Redditor velez_cool is figuring out where he fit in with the scenario when he played poker with six of his friends and the odds wound […] More

Getting sober is one of the most important and life changing events. Alcohol is fun, yes. But, some of us have a little too much fun with it. There are so many reasons why people don't drink and those can be life saving reasons to know. It's all good to have fun, but we need to recognize overindulgence.

Redditor wanted to hear from all the sobers out there by asking.... Non drinkers of Reddit, what do you tell people when they ask "why don't you drink"?

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Wendy Williams Tells Audience She's Living In A Sober House During Emotional Confession
@WendyWilliams/Twitter; @GalacticStriker/Twitter

In a very honest moment, Wendy Williams told her audience she's been living in a sober home. The moment came while she was talking about her non-profit that focuses on drug addiction.

Williams, a US daytime talk show host, explained that after filming, she does her pilates, and then attends several addiction meetings to observe before being taken to the sober house.

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