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People Who Made An 'If We're Still Single At 30' Marriage Pact Explain How It's Going

Reddit user eurekathatsit asked: 'How is your “if we are single by 30, we’re getting married” friend doing?'

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Most of us like to set goals to motivate us toward a desired result rather than waiting for something to manifest itself.

The goals that are typically positive may include achievements like reaching a specific body weight, completing higher education, or saving enough money to purchase a home.

And then there are the goals that are more like consolation prizes because they seem unattainable in the present, like securing a relationship by a certain point in time.

Those who might be familiar with the last scenario shared their updates when Redditor eurekathatsit asked:

"How is your 'if we are single by 30, we’re getting married' friend doing?"

Tragedy strikes.

Canceled Plans

"Had a Married at 40 option."

"Lost contact with her for a few years and had started to rebuild our friendship. She’d got married and moved away, but was in the process of splitting up and remembering her old life."

"Had arranged to go and see her in her new flat, big night out planned. But then contact suddenly stopped again."

"Found out about 6 months later that she’d had a car crash and died instantly. Her (still) husband hadn’t told any of her old friends what had happened."

"She was the first one from our friend group that had died. It hit hard. Still think of her often and the mischief we got up to in our late teens."

– GeeGeeDub

Cancer Sucks

"We both got married before 30 to other people. She married a cool dude and had 4 kids. They had a beautiful family and so do I. I was genuinely happy for her and glad we didn’t 'end up”'with each other. She died of cancer a few years ago when her youngest kid was still in elementary school. My heart breaks for her and her family. I feel closer to them than they realize because I knew her since middle school. I think of them often and hope they are finding peace and happiness in this crazy life."

– walkabout16

Loss Of A Dear Friend

"With us it was 'if we are still single at 65 let’s just move in together - at least we like each other.' We met first year at university and had been close friends ever since."

"She died of breast cancer at 63. Miss her every day."

– Nagsheadlocal

Some managed to find success, while others, not so much.

Married Life

"Not me, but I have a former coworker that made that pact with his senior high school prom date. Lost touch for 7 or so years. Reconnected at the 10 year high school reunion. Got married 2 years later. Now 2 kids with a third on the way and VERY happy. It was cool to watch the majority of that story go down"

– Accountabili_Buddy

Going Along With The Ruse

"I married her sister. I never wanted to marry her, she was my friend and she thought of the 'if we aren’t married by 30.' thing."

– TheChzMouse

Tending The Garden

"He’s unhappily married to someone else. Spends all his time gardening now."

– MrFurleysJumpsuit

"so uh how’s the garden?"

– whatproblems

Love Success

"I kissed her this morning when I was leaving for work, we get married in 3 days."

"No joke, made the pact, reconnected in person after a few years on my 31st birthday which is 3 days before her 30th, we went out for a date and we haven’t spent a night apart since. And in 3 days we say the ol I Do’s."

"Thank you all for the kind words and the awards, I’m going to show my fiancée this later after work, she’ll love it. Wedding is in 2 days! (Aug. 18)"

– ArcAddict

A Wild Life

"She’s been living a WILD life. We made the pact at 22, she got married by 24, divorced by 25, new relationship and got pregnant at 26, married at 28 and divorced at 30."

"In that time she dropped out of college, went back to college, completed her associates, got nailed for a few drug charges and is currently fighting for custody of her kid with the dad."

– Goopyteacher

The feeling wasn't mutual when the pact was revisited.

Taking A Pass

"I’ve made that pact with so many people that I hope no one comes to make claims when I turn 30."

– anonfallenstarz

"So about our pact."

– TheNonMurderingSort

Seven's A Crowd

"He has like 5-6 kids. He actually hit me up when we were 30 (were 32 now) and asked about the deal. I was like “dude don’t you have like 5 kids???” I was not gonna take on that circus 😂"

– yoinkss

Bad Timing

"We made the pact at 15 as a joke. We finished high school, college and moved into early adulthood while he dated other people. I was single until 23 when I met my match who I’m still with to this day."

"This year he broke up with his girlfriend because he said he loved me and couldn’t be friends anymore because it was too hard for him."

"It sucks but I wish him the best."

– Caramel_Kind

It's understandable why people set such goals, especially if they want to make sure they are not settling for each other after kissing a few frogs.

But who's to say true love won't manifest in your 40s?

It's not an ideal benchmark, waiting to see if the other person has either found love or is still waiting by 30, because love is unpredictable and seems to come when you least expect it.

As they say, love is patient.

Unfortunately, people are always not.

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