Reasons to be single #1... you avoid monkeypox, apparently.

#2... all your money is yours. And Uncle Sam's.

#3... more room in bed.

#4... the list is endless.

Not to be down on love, love is great.

But love doesn't have to be the full journey.

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If you're wondering why I'm single––which I guess you're not, because the average person doesn't look at bylines and assumes articles online spring directly from the void––it's because I'm enjoying my solitude. I also live alone and certainly enjoy it!

Everyone has their reasons; some are more complicated than others, as we saw once these people shared their stories.

People let us know what's up after Redditor SnorkelLord asked the online community,

"Why are you still single?"
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People Divulge The Real Reason Why They're Single Right Now
Photo by Ahmed Nishaath on Unsplash

Love is so elusive these days isn't it?

Who knows what anyone is looking for in the relationship department anymore.

It's all too exhausting.

But people we keep trying.

Redditor ProblemNice5257 wanted to hear why so many people are still on the hunt for that perfect one. They asked:

"Why are you single right now?"
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