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When I was younger I hated the stars. Not the Hollywood kind, the space kind. Before I truly comprehended gravity I thought they were just electric shocks if you will that would one by one fall from the sky to kill us. It's why I also detested lightning, I swore every strike of lightning was an Earth blow scorching the ground. Yeah.... rainstorms at night were traumatizing. Now I adore the rain and the stars but lightning can still send me running for vodka. Oh the things that send us reeling as children.

Redditor u/Shay_da_la wanted to know what things deemed inconsequential by others left an emotional scar on others when they were younger by asking.... What's a harmless thing that terrified you as a child?
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Nobody is perfect. We can't all be great at everything. Even though we so desperately believe we can do it all, that is not the case. That realization can become a haunting issue when it pertains to life's simpler activities. For instance... I can't do math. After years of struggle and self doubt I realized... who cares? I hate math; hand me a calculator. No shame. We are just wired to intake info in different ways. And sometimes certain wires are just not meant to cross. Often times the deceptively simple alludes us and it's a mystery.

Redditor u/HarveySteakfries was hoping everyone was wiling to compare notes and admit to all the small things that so many of us just can't seem to conquer by asking.... What are some basic things that you can't do?
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Picking up a new passion is exciting. Certain things seem like they'd be super fun to start because they look so simple to do. However, a lot of times, things that look easy are, in fact, the total opposite. Here are a few examples of things that are way harder than they look.

u/PrideOfPR7 asked: What's something that looked easy but you failed horribly when you tried it?

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There are just a few life foundations we assume everyone is taught by a certain age or it's been acquired through breathing. These simple life musts tend to allude some and that can be a shocking discovery to many. It's like learning that someone doesn't know it's not ok to kill because it will get them into trouble. Like... how did you miss that day in Life 101?

Redditor u/MissVikingQueen wanted to discuss the simple things in life that should be a no brainer by asking....

What is a basic thing everyone should know how to do?

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