sex in relationships

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For me, sex is important. There really is no debate about this when I'm participating in intimate relations.

If I'm in a relationship with someone I don't have sex with, then it kind of just feels like a friendship. Not that there is anything wrong with having sex or not having sex with friends.

Hey, intimacy means different things to different people. Sex doesn't define it.

It's not the most important issue in an intimate relationship, but for many, it's up there. Consensual sex is meant to be fun... at, least I've always thought so.

Sex in a relationship is also meant to be about connection. Maybe you connect in other ways, which is great.

But ask yourself, is everybody on the same page about how to connect in this department?

AHH... there in lies the rub.

Some need it more, some need it less, some are indifferent. One thing is clear; everybody needs to be talking about it. (Thank you Salt-N-Pepa!)

And it can feel really good, it's sort of one of the perks about being in love or lust.

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"How important is sex for you in a relationship?"
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