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Shocked man peeking around corner
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We've all known someone who genuinely creeped us out, whether we could pinpoint exactly why or not.

But teachers see a lot of weird and creepy things after serving classroom after classroom of students, sometimes they will meet a student who gives them big serial killer vibes.

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People Break Down The Worst Serial Killers Of All-Time
Kyle Johnson/Unsplash

History has shown us the sinister capabilities of mankind, especially serial killers.

The most terrifying thing about them is that murderers can be anyone in our midst–from a seemingly "friendly" acquaintance or a complete stranger who seems to have a good reputation in their community.

You never know if you're an eventual target or someone who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

While there are sadly countless evildoers in the world, there are still those who continue to haunt us long after they've been caught.

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People Who Have Had A Run-In With A Serial Killer Share Their Experiences
Fernando Aguilar on Unsplash

Serial killers capture the attention of the public.

"Serial killer" is recognized by the FBI as a distinct classification of murderer differing from a "mass murderer" or "spree killer" or "contract killer."

Documentaries, books, TV shows and films have all been made about the lives and crimes of these killers—many of their names are part of pop culture.

But what about the people who lived to tell about their encounter with a killer? What were these killers like day to day?

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People Who Were Friends With A Serial Killer Share Their Story
Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

Serial killers in movies feel far away, like pieces of fantasy that couldn't actually be a part of real life. Serial killers on the news inch closer to possible, but still remain at arms length.

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