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Change can be a slow process. Years can slip by while the efforts pile up, allowing you to become the person you want to be. Of course, not everyone is going to be pleased with the changes you decide to make. That was the issue facing Redditor and Original Poster (OP) comfo5 when she came […] More
Playful teasing can be a sign of love for some. We point and laugh not from a malicious place but because we are in on the joke. Of course, not everyone is okay with this sort of treatment and even with those that are, it’s possible to cross the line. What happens when your loved […] More
People Break Down The Ways They Boosted Their Self-Esteem
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Self-esteem is our overall sense of worth, value, and how much we appreciate ourselves. Our self-esteem impacts our self-confidence, feeling of security, sense of identity and belonging, and our feeling of competence.

A low self-esteem can keep us from reaching our full potential. A whole lot of things can cause feelings of inadequacy, like poor childhood experiences with parents, failing grades, financial or relationship issues, or ongoing mental or physical health issues.

However, there are certainly ways to raise your self-esteem even when you're struggling.

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Supporting our children comes in many ways.  You can emotionally support your kids, financially support them, or all of the above. Regardless, it’s basically a parent’s only job to support their kids.  And one dad found that his wife didn’t love it when he was supportive for his daughter. This Redditor, whose username has since […] More
People Break Down Which Things Scream 'I Have Low Self-Esteem'
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Social insecurity, a largely silent and internal weight, can't help but rear its head for the external world every so often.

Or for some, it comes out pretty regularly.

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