People Break Down Which Things Are OK To Steal
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Look, us here at George Takei in no way support or endorse the actions described below. It would be ethically wrong and potentially incriminating.

But you do what you gotta do. Life is hard. Get what you can out of it, right?

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Reopening schools in the era of the virus is an absolute mess.

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People are who they are... but some can change. Those troubled youths who made life miserable for many in the adolescent years can take a turn for the better.. or the worse. Not all "problem children" stay problem children, some go on to find inner peace and meaning and others become stars on episodes of "Dateline NBC." Its all a gamble. Fr everybody. No one is perfect.

Redditor u/11simon18 wanted to hear about the growth or disaster of the students who caused the most chaos by asking.... What happened to your school "bad boy/girl"?
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