scary moments

While we have not all witnessed something that will forever keep us up at night, we've all seen or heard something that was terrifying.

And it seems the scarier it was, the harder it becomes to forget.

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People Break Down Their Scariest Real-Life Experiences
Photo by Gabriel on Unsplash

You know what's truly terrifying? The world.

It can feel like it's out to get you and based on some of these harrowing tales of death avoidance and last-minute escapes, you might be justified in thinking that way,

The world is scarier than anything you can see in theaters or watch at home. Clearly, real life is where the fear should be.

Reddit user, Shaneshev, wanted to know when things became too terrifying to handle when they asked:

"People of Reddit; what is your downright scariest real-life story?"

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Children are very impressionable. They're also little humans, remember, and all quite different. Some are more afraid of some things than others. When I was a kid, some of my classmates were utterly terrified of Chucky, the killer doll.

I think he worked the best in the first film and to a larger extent in the second, but after that? Those movies got a bit ridiculous, wouldn't you agree?

Well, the memories linger, as you can imagine.

People took us on a trip down memory lane after Redditor teacatpeng asked the online community,

"What’s something you saw (as a kid) that gave you nightmares for a long time?"
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People Share The Scariest Thing They Ever Personally Witnessed
Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

Life can be pretty frightening sometimes.

And anything can happen: Accidents. Deaths. Other traumatizing experiences.

Believe it or not, everyone has a story. It's worth remembering that when you deal with total strangers.

But it's difficult for some people to open up compared to others. We get it though—why would you want to remember some horrible memory?

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I am very much a night owl. I quite like being up at night.

For one thing, it's quiet.

There's no one to bother me. If I want to watch television and vegetate, I can just do that.

If I want to do some work, I can get my work done without interruptions. It's pretty sweet.

Nothing particularly scary has ever happened either... yet. My fingers are crossed.

But others haven't exactly been so lucky.

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