Do all mothers go to the say mom school or something? Because they seem to share the same advice or go on the same platitudes, don't they?

Here's an idea.

Maybe they're just older, have more experience, and are trying to keep us from being dumbasses in public. At least, that's what I think.

I'm definitely grateful for my mother's advice—it's saved me more than once—and it seems many out there are too. And they all seem to have heard the same things from their mothers, too.

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There are few things more annoying in conversation than people who say the words, "That's just my opinion!"

Let me be perfectly clear: opinions need to be based on fact and actual experience. Reading conspiracy theories online and spending time on a dark corner of YouTube doesn't make you an "expert." Not now... not ever.

When I hear someone say the words, "That's just my opinion!" I mentally brace myself because I just know what I'm about to hear is going to be ridiculous.

People told us all about the phrases that bother the hell out of them after Redditor SpankBankManager asked the online community,

"What phrases do you wish people would stop using?"
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Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Please try not to be too salty when you reach the end of this article and realize how many times these "common sayings" have been chopped up and taken out of context so they can be used to manipulate you.

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Image by suju-foto from Pixabay

Most languages come with a lot of weird idioms and sayings. Where they began, no one really knows. Yet they're passed down from generation to generation, and many times the people who say it don't actually know what it means.

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Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay

In grade school, a handful of us were discussing where some of our relatives lived outside of California.

When a classmate mentioned having relatives in New Mexico, an eavesdropper genuinely asked:

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