People Explain Which Minor Injustice They Suffered As A Kid That They're Still Salty About
Image by Urh Kočar from Pixabay

When we're kids, we expect the adults in our lives to notice everything, know everything, and maintain a just, sound moral order.

Psh, don't hold your breath.

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People Break Down The Things They're Still Angry About And Refuse To Get Over
Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

We wander through life surrounded by so many people all jockeying for position based on their own motivations. Hopefully, we try to be kind to each other throughout the whole chaotic mess.

But things happen. People get slighted, forgotten, or plain abused by others. It's sucks, and we'd better accept that possibility if we plan to stay sane at all.

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People Explain Which Things They're Still Salty About To This Day
Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash

There are some betrayals from childhood that still linger within us as adults.

In grade school, I suffered a bout of acid reflux while leaning over the classroom balcony and didn't realize I had been drooling.

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