Being able to survive should be a life skill taught in school.

There are big and mostly small ways to save a life, including one's own.

Danger and peril are lurking around every corner.

So best be prepared.

That's why I love talk show episodes that highlight random near death experiences and discuss the way people made it out alive.

Redditor drjallz wanted everyone to listen up. They asked:

"Whats a life-saving tip everyone should know?"
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People Break Down Which Things Were Once Considered Safe But Are Now Seen As Harmful

It seems nearly every week we find out something that was regular practice in the not-so-distant past was horribly dangerous. Whether this was the lack or poor excuse for car seats (if you even buckled at all) or using poisonous substances in makeup, household items, or worse ingesting them.

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People Explain Which Things Are Surprisingly Safe For Human Consumption
Image by 1045373 from Pixabay

Human beings--especially children--can be pretty ridiculous.

Somehow, even after infancy is long behind us, we still insist on interacting with the world through our mouths.

Chemicals, far-out organic materials, and even inanimate objects are all liable to become sudden victims of the saliva portal.

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People Share Their Best 'You Know What, Just To Be Safe' Moments That Saved Them

When it comes to safety, some people are very "Better Safe Than Sorry" and others are entirely "Safety Third." Almost all of us, though, have had that moment where we did something we normally may not do just to be on the safe side.

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