People Who Grew Up In The Country Share Things Every City Kid Should Know
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Among Aesop's fables is a tale called The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. In the story, both mice find their lives suit them, but not each other.

Indeed there is a difference between urban life and rural life even in the modern world.

Those folks that grew up country would have some wisdom to share with any city kin and vice versa.

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I could never live in a mostly rural area.

The woods scare me. I'm just not that outdoorsy person.

Wild animals freak me out and I believe owls are minions of the devil.

I also need to be around other homes, we all do incase we need to be able to run for help to someone.

Don't you think we see too many stories about the creepy goings on in the dead and dark of night, along trails and in the countrysides?

It's all a perfect set up for horror films and Dateline NBC episodes. I need some city life nearby.

Redditor _-Ascendancy-_wanted to hear about all the spooks and kooks people encounter outside the city limits, by asking:

"People who live rurally, what's the scariest experience you've had that you can't explain?"
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People Who Live In Rural Areas Describe The Creepiest Thing They've Ever Experienced
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Nighttime is a little scarier no matter where you are, but there is something especially eerie about the silent pitch darkness of unpopulated rural areas.

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People Explain The 'City Things' That Country People Would Never Understand
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Moving to a larger metropolitan area may result in culture shock to those from rural parts of the country.

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Small towns are often awash with gossip, so any embarrassing or scandalous behavior is usually known by everyone in town in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Some towns definitely have a bit more scandal than others, though, as these Reddit responses show.

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