The Worst Scandals At Their School According To Students
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School can be a hotbed of craziness.

We all of course assume students will cause drama, but what about the adults?

It's all a powderkeg of scandalous possibility.

Olivia Pope herself couldn't spin some of the stories that come out of high school.

And a lot of towns are rocked by school scandals.

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Sometimes people let their minds run wild when thinking of others.

How do people even conjure such nonsense?

It feels like every person can actually be living in their own personal tabloid.

The things humans will believe.

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People Confess Which High School Rumors Later Turned Out To Be True
Photo by kyo azuma on Unsplash

If there was one thing every high school has in common, it's gossip.

Be it about two students who were secretly dating, a teacher who was up to no good behind the scenes, or that the girls bathroom on the lower level was haunted, every high school had their share of outrageous rumors.

But, did any of the truly unbelievable rumors from your high school actually turn out to be true?

Redditor Sam_21000 was eager to know of any high school gossip previously assumed to be fiction but later proven to be fact, leading them to ask:

"What was 'the big rumor' in your high school, did turn out to be true?"
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People Dispel Which Things Everyone Believes To Be Dangerous But Are Totally Safe
Nick Fewings/Unsplash

Life is just fraught with the rumors.

The older you get the more you learn about how easily duped we all are.

Who comes up with some of this nonsense?

And why are we so gullible?

Maybe because we don't learn to Google until we're at least 6.

It is time to eradicate some of these silly lies about hazards and danger.

We are more secure than we want the other person next to us to know.

Redditor AirAmbitious530 wanted to know what certain parts of life we don't have to fret about. They asked:

"What things are said to be dangerous but are actually safe?"
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It’s a horrible feeling to become estranged from your family. Particularly when family members cut ties with others for simply being their true selves. There are also sad cases where people find themselves with no other choice than to cut ties with family members who are causing pain or abuse. Redditor stillunsureabout made the decision […] More