We all have hopes and dreams we would like to see fulfilled, and some of them require money and careful planning. Some people are more committed to setting aside money for that dream than others, pointed out the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit. Redditor Kingjoe97034 had consistently lived below their financial means as a way […] More
My house, my rules. That has always been a standard when discussing being a guest in one’s home. When we stay at another person’s home we’re obligated to not make them feel ill at ease. They’re doing us the favor. Apparently some people lost that memo. Case in point… Redditor Princessleiawastaken wanted to discuss her […] More
Some would consider finding the perfect roommate a fool’s errand. Ideally, one hopes to find someone reliable, easy to talk to, respectful of boundaries and shared spaces, who shares your hobbies and interests. But in reality, it’s hard not to find a roommate with whom you don’t share at least one major point of contention. […] More
There are several steps in maintaining a good living situation with one’s roommates. This includes keeping common areas of the apartment clean, not taking up too much time in the bathroom, being quiet when necessary. And then, of course, there’s the issue of rent. While it is common to simply divide rent evenly between roommates, […] More
A living situation with roommates can be really stressful. It’s always a gamble that you’ve made the right choice in choosing who to share your space and your life with. And sometimes everyone becomes lifelong besties and other times… it’s hell on Earth. Case in point… Redditor PipeDistributor704 wanted to discuss his story for some […] More