George Pimentel
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Life is waaay too short and it flies by waaaay too fast. So we have to stop impeding the moments in life that could bring us the best and most exciting. We're trained to play it safe and always step in line. Well... it's time to step and dance out of line! Just try. You'll see!

Redditor u/A-Classic-Blunder wanted everyone to regale us with their best risk taking life moments by asking.... What was your biggest "Screw it I'm doing this moment?"

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Part of life is taking risks, even really stupid ones. What's really important is learning from them - but let's be real, we usually don't.

MirkoPrime96 asked, What's the most dangerous risk you've taken in your life?

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People don't always make the best decisions, and the impulsive ones can be some of the worst. Impulsive or risky decisions don't always lead to disaster, though.

Positive changes can also come from knowing that something is a risk and deciding to go for it anyway.

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Risk is inevitable. Falling in love, making a career move, merely crossing the street is all a gamble. We can try to analyze and prepare but the guarantee is fantasy. All we can do is try and breathe deep. There are even people who make 'risk management' a career, but that just seems like a limp option. Nobody can ever truly factor the unknowns. Life is going to happen as she sees fit. When the plan goes haywire, you reflect and learn how to implement better next time.

Redditor u/_lady_macbeth_ wanted to know who has some life plans that didn't go as expected by asking.... What was your "The risk I took was calculated, but man am I bad at math" moment?

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