People Break Down The Worst Responses To 'I Love You'
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So, let's say you've been seeing someone exclusively long enough to know you're not interested in pursuing anyone else.

You feel a mutually amorous connection that is undeniable. You work up the courage to finally open up your heart to say those three words you've held off expressing for quite some time.

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One always wants to go into a blind date with an open mind. After all, who knows, the evening you’ve been dreading for weeks might end in your meeting the love of your life. Of course, there’s also every possibility that your blind date might have one of your unequivocal deal breakers for a relationship. […] More
People Confess Which Pieces Of Life Advice Can F**k Right Off
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When a person sees someone they care about going through a struggle or crisis, their instinct is to uplift them with positive advice.

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People Share The Best Thing To Do After Being Rejected So It Doesn't Get Awkward

Being rejected by the object of your affection is humiliating, and the awkwardness that follows the momentary heartbreak only exacerbates the embarrassment.

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People Who Got Rejected And Then Ran Into The Person Later Explain What Happened
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Romance can be such an embarrassing issue.

In the movies it's all flowers and sunshine.

But in real life, people get and give a lot of NOs!

"NO. I'm not into you."

But rejection is a part of the game of love.

And as if that isn't bad enough... can you imagine having to face the person who rejected you repeatedly?

Redditor IneedAnameForReddit8 wanted to hear from everyone out there who has had second encounters with someone who left them hanging. They asked:

"People of Reddit who ran into the girl that rejected you in the past how did it go?"
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