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Real-Life Examples Of People Sabotaging Their Own Happiness

Reddit user _lilyara asked: 'What's the best real life example, you've witnessed, of someone destroying their own happiness?'

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Happiness is something many people take for granted.
When things are good, they don't fight to keep it that way, because working to obtain a goal stems from an unsatisfactory status or adversity.

So it's not surprising then that many people have sabotaged their situations for something better and realized after the fact that they ruined a good thing.

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People Reveal The Biggest Red Flags They Ever Ignored

Reddit user opticfawn asked: 'What's the biggest red flag you ignored?'

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As Jane Austen so famously taught us in her immortal classic Pride and Prejudice, first impressions can be deceiving.

For while the dashing Fitzwilliam Darcy first appeared arrogant, rude, and snobbish to Elizabeth Bennett, she would soon learn that he was, in fact, the true love of her life.

However, even if we shouldn't jump to conclusions based solely on a first impression, that doesn't mean we shouldn't be cautious about certain things we notice.

A "red flag," as it were.

There are many people who deeply regret entering into what proved to be an ill-advised romantic relationship, or hiring an employee who proved anything but up to the task, feeling that they missed the obvious sign back when they first met them that this was an association bound to end in disaster.

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Man in mall with shopping bags
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Every now and again, we can't help but make an "impulse purchase."

When we see something in a store window, in a catalog, or while surfing online, and think to ourselves, "I must have that!"

Then we waste no time in buying it.

Even if it was more money than we likely wanted to spend.

Of course, down the line, we might realize that doing so probably wasn't the best idea.

Be it an item of clothing that doesn't fit, a gadget that doesn't work, or something that just wasn't at all what it appeared to be, we find ourselves wishing more than anything that we didn't make this purchase.

Or at least kept the receipt.

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We've all said things we regret.

Most often, when we find ourselves in situations where our emotions are in a heightened state, such as a breakup.

Indeed, though some people will go to every effort to end a relationship amicably, others can't hide their hurt, frustration, and resentment in the heat of the moment.

Resulting in their saying some unpleasant if not downright nasty things which may have felt good in the moment, but which they'll likely look back on in horror and embarrassment.

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You can say that some single people can be envious of those who are blinded by love.

You know the expression. A person who is blinded by love is when they are so deeply engrossed in the throes of passion with a lover that their relationship defies all logic.

On the one hand, that level of amorousness is romantic. But on the other hand, it can be totally deceiving.

People who are blinded by love tend to rush into things and make life-changing decisions that can come back to haunt them. Like getting married.

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