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Life in your 20s can be described with an infinite array of words: chaotic, euphoric, aimless, confused, busy, energetic, just to name a few.
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One of the most severe things that 2020 has taught me is that NOW is the time. For the first few months of quarantine, I woke up everyday in a panic about all the "time" I've lost. I'd watch all these news reports interviewing the people who had lost a loved one. That is my biggest fear but I refuse to allow it to be my biggest regret.

We've all seen too much death now to not start changing regret.

Redditor u/delete_my_comment wanted the medical workers out there to share with us the wisdom they've learned from the people they've witnessed leave this Earth by asking.... Hospital workers [SERIOUS] what regrets do you hear from dying patients?

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We all have dreams and we all make mistakes. Sometimes, the dream we follow turns out to be the mistake. One day you look back and think... "What am I even doing here? I hate teeth! Why didn't I pursue.... fill in the blank." We've all been there in one way or another.

Redditor u/Shelliko wanted to know who has some regrets when it comes job choices that have been made by asking..... What career do you wish you had pursued?
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Though often a toxic place, the internet can be a positive resource that benefits human beings. A recent Reddit thread, in its own small way, proved the point.

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We all did some stupid things when we were kids.

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