red flag

A first date is kind of an awkward experience already, because you're basically sussing out the other person to see if you connect in any way.

Especially in the age of Tinder, first dates are so removed from normal human interaction that it's impossible to predict how it's gonna go.

But sometimes, you know that it DEFINITELY should not be going like that.

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Going out to eat is supposed to be a pleasurable experience. It's something we do to celebrate events and milestones, something we do to share time with a potential partner, something we do just for delicious food we don't have to cook (or clean up after.) But that doesn't always mean it's going to go well.

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Helena Lopes / Pexels

Everybody knows friends are one of the best things in life - but what happens when the best thing is also the worst?

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If you don't know the ins and outs of food service, it can be difficult to identify huge problems before they become huge problems in your tummy.

The smallest, most innocuous things--or even things that may seem like they're too good to be true--can really take a toll on your wallet, your stomach, your health, or any number of things later. Diner, beware!

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The funny (in a tragic kind of way) thing about manipulative and abusive relationships is that sometimes you don't realize you're in one until something so ridiculous happens that you can't deny it any longer. One Reddit user is facing that realization after her husbands ultimatum, an assault by his friend, and the victim blaming that followed.

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