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Women Explain Which Everyday Male Behaviors Are A Major Turn Off For Them
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Dear Single Men,

Please just ... like ... chill. The gist of this whole article basically boils down to that. I promise.

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People Share Red Flags That Signify Someone Has Terrible Spending Habits

Money management is not a skill everyone has, and when you are actually broke, it can feel like you're constantly playing “bill roulette". Not a good feeling.

The other side however is people who are broke all the time not because they are underpaid, but because they can't seem to get a handle on budgeting. That friend who is constantly upgrading and getting the brand new gadget but needs to borrow money to put gas in the car—this is for you.

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A first date is kind of an awkward experience already, because you're basically sussing out the other person to see if you connect in any way.

Especially in the age of Tinder, first dates are so removed from normal human interaction that it's impossible to predict how it's gonna go.

But sometimes, you know that it DEFINITELY should not be going like that.

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Chefs Share Major Red Flags To Look For While Out To Eat
Louis Hansel on Unsplash

Going out to eat is supposed to be a pleasurable experience. It's something we do to celebrate events and milestones, something we do to share time with a potential partner, something we do just for delicious food we don't have to cook (or clean up after.) But that doesn't always mean it's going to go well.

Improper food storage, terrible staff, unsanitary conditions and more can all potentially turn a night out into a night gone wrong.

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People Share The Warning Signs of A Bad Friend
Helena Lopes / Pexels

Everybody knows friends are one of the best things in life - but what happens when the best thing is also the worst?

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