Some jobs are just not worth the stress. Toxicity and mental health are important things to take into consideration. They have long term effects. Yes, money is important and takes priority. But sometimes… at what cost? Case in point… Redditor Iquitscrewyou wanted to discuss her experience and get some feedback. So naturally, she came to […] More

I’m not going to lie: working is hard. And I probably didn’t need to lie. We all know this is true.

But I don’t just mean the act of working is hard. I mean the concept of working is hard.

There are some jobs that are a joy. I currently work at a job where the office is beautiful, my managers are understanding, my co-workers are friendly, and my actual daily tasks are enjoyable. There are also some jobs that aren’t as much of a joy, but they help you pay the bills and put food on your table, and they’re not so terrible that you can’t endure it (read: my previous job).

However, there are some jobs that are so ridiculous, or even downright harmful, that you know on your very first day, you can’t ever go back. So you quit on the spot.

We know how tough the job market is and how, sometimes, it takes months for a person to find a job. For a person to quit on their first day, the situation they were put in has to be unbearable.

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People Share Their Best 'Fire Me, I Don't Care' Workplace Experiences
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Few can say they are passionate about their jobs. Happy employees work hard because they enjoy what a company stands for, offer competitive benefits, and creates a nurturing work environment that also challenges the people who work for them.

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