In college, I worked as a hostess and server at my favorite restaurant. I thought it would be fun to be a waitress, and doing it at a place where I would see my friends (since they ate there all the time), seemed like an extra perk.

Would I recommend everyone work in the service industry to build character and learn respect? Yes. Would I recommend anyone work in the service industry if they want to continue liking life? Absolutely not!

Working as a server made me realize how entitled people can be. Some people asked to sit at tables that were clearly reserved and then tried to seat themselves when we told them ‘no.’

Others decided to tip less when their bill was too high, and servers ended up losing money.

During football games, people even walked right past us to go into the bar area even when the area was full, and we tried to tell them we were at capacity. Half the time, I felt like screaming at customers, “Why are you coming in here? I don’t want you to!” And I wasn’t the only one.

One of my co-workers kept trying to win the lottery, so she could split her winnings with all the employees, and we could all quit. I had to recite pop culture lists in my head just to keep sane (like listing the first 151 Pokemon in order -- I actually shared this talent with my co-workers, which lead to the first and only fun night I had at the restaurant).

This isn’t the only job people should steer clear of. Redditors are ready to share which professions they wouldn’t recommend people go into.

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People Confess How They Really Feel About 'Quiet Quitting'
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Quiet quitting refers to when an employee works strictly within their allocated hours.

Never arriving before their agreed-upon start time, putting a hard stop to their day at their agreed-upon end time, and never doing any work whatsoever when they are not on the clock.

On one level, quiet quitting not only seems logical but right, as people shouldn't be expected to work more than they've agreed to, particularly if their pay won't change.

Others, however, don't believe in quiet quitting, and will volunteer to go the extra mile, be it in hopes that they might get promoted, or find themselves in a less vulnerable spot should layoffs be needed.

Leading one to question if quiet quitting is advisable or illogical?

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As a small business owner, the best advice I can give you is to not monetize all of your hobbies. Keep some of them as fun, so your entire life doesn't become work. Trust me, it leads down a slippery slope of workaholism, which I would not recommend, no matter what Gary Vee tells you.

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Everything is a shady lie. That is a fact we just all have to get used to apparently. In most businesses corners are cut and the magic is fabricated. So many of the companies and businesses we support are harboring secrets and are always just one disgruntled ex-employee away on Twitter from a public meltdown. Beware the rip-off!

Redditor u/WoOoOoOoShHhHh wanted to see who was willing to loosen some lips and give workplace details the public may not be privy to by asking.... What's an industry secret in the field you work in?
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