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Prison is no place you want to be.

It's a hard, cold, dangerous environment.

Many people try to make the best of it.

What else can you do?

One would be surprised what useful tidbits follow one past the bars.

Redditoryouknowyoulick wanted to hear from those that have done a little time by asking about how free life and jail life can be useful to one another. They asked:

"People who have been in jail, what habits do you still do today that you learned from being in lockup?"
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Former Inmates Disclose Which Things People On The Outside Wouldn't Understand About Prison

Being a law-abiding citizen shouldn't be that difficult.

As long as people obey the rules, maintain their morals, and avoid making extremely bad decisions, they will never see the walls inside a prison cell.

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Ex-Cons Share The Best Tips To Survive The First Week In Prison
Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Prison is not a fun place.

That is obvious. But it's a good reminder, as to stay on the straight and narrow.

There are unspoken rules and ways to live once you're on the inside.

If you want to live or not be extra traumatized, there are things to learn.

Hopefully none of us find ourselves there but just in case...

RedditorJujhar_Singh wanted to hear some advice about life in the big house. They asked:

"Ex prisoners of Reddit, what are some of the best tips to survive the first week in prison?"
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Ex-Cons Describe The Most Terrifying Thing They Witnessed In Prison
Photo by Emiliano Bar on Unsplash

Prison is one of the worst places on Earth.

So it's best for all of us to do the most we can to stay far away from them.

Ex-cons and even ex-staff will have plenty of warnings about what it's really like behind those concrete walls.

Prison isn't the version you see in Hollywood films and TV.

It's much much worse.

Redditor Shrekisball101wanted to hear from people who have served time about what life is like in the inside. They asked:

"Ex-Cons of Reddit, what’s the most terrifying thing you saw inside of prison?"
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People Debate How They Really Feel About The Death Penalty
Maria Oswalt on Unsplash

Life and death. One of the eternal struggles. Who gets to have what?

The death penalty is a searing hot topic that is right up there with abortion.

There are people firmly against it and firmly for it.

How do we deal with the most insidious of humans? People who are depraved and left misery in their wake.

Is it enough to just have them rotting in prison, still breathing, when they claimed the life of another?

Many feel an eye for an eye is appropriate, others... not so much.

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