There are very few topics more divisive than money. No matter who you’re with, the minute money comes into a conversation, it’s all but guaranteed there will be awkward silence, jealousy, or even resentment. When the extended family of Redditor 0reo5 learned of her current salary, it resulted in a less-than-harmonious family Christmas, along with […] More
Presents, no matter the holiday, are said to be defined as a gift from the heart. Of course, it’s nice to get nice things, like jewelry and clothes. But where is the just appreciating the thought that counts? And what if you’re shopping for someone who wants the flash of it all? Case in point… […] More
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“What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine.” But maybe not when it comes to money. Indeed, money can be a fairly delicate hurdle in a relationship, particularly when one half of the couple makes considerably more than the other. Redditor theonewithouta10 had no trouble being the primary breadwinner for both him and his […] More
Christmas is inching closer every second. Have you done your shopping? What is Santa bringing you and your loved ones? Ah, Santa, a subject up for debate over time. Parents have a conundrum on how to properly represent him and how to best hand out his gifts. Case in point… Redditor snowballthrowaway01 wanted to discuss […] More