For momentous occasions like weddings or baby showers, a gift registry is certainly a very helpful thing to have. In addition to limiting selections for friends and family in attendance, it also helps the recipients obtain practical items to use in their homes. But can an item chosen for a registry beat a homemade personal […] More
Very few people don’t have a family member who is somewhat out of touch. Who doesn’t realize how offensive some of their words and actions are. Some people feel that correcting or confronting these family members is fruitless, and choose to ignore their insensitive remarks, no matter how cringeworthy. Others, though, simply can’t tolerate such […] More
Mother’s Day is a very special day for so many people. This is the day we get to give thanks to all the moms, for all they do. And most mom’s ask for so little in return. Why is it difficult to grab a few gifts for them? Case in point… Redditor Realistic-Baker5083 wanted to […] More
People Share The Best Male Equivalents To A Getting A Woman Flowers
Kateryna Tyshkul on Unsplash

Some people are not great at giving gifts.

What do you get someone, especially if you want to show your appreciation... or even love?

It's a bit harder than you think.

You could always default to flowers, right? Everyone likes flowers.

But what about something a bit more personal? Especially if you wanted to break out of the mold, so to speak?

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There are very few topics more divisive than money. No matter who you’re with, the minute money comes into a conversation, it’s all but guaranteed there will be awkward silence, jealousy, or even resentment. When the extended family of Redditor 0reo5 learned of her current salary, it resulted in a less-than-harmonious family Christmas, along with […] More