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Cop Gets Locked In Bathroom At Police Station, And His Colleagues Have To Use A Battering Ram To Get Him Out
UK Cop Humour / SWNS.com

This hilarious video shows the moment a cop needed armed colleagues with a battering ram to break him out – of a locked station toilet.

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Police Officers Share The Funniest Things People Have Done To Avoid Them

Being a cop is one of the most dangerous jobs one can hold. Everyday on duty is a gamble with your life but that doesn't mean some comedy can't come along with it. The things people will do when they are trying escape the audience of the boys and girls in blue can be shocking.

Redditor u/boiledcarrot wanted all the officers of the law out there to give us a chuckle by asking.... Cops of Reddit, what was the funniest thing you've seen someone do because they noticed you?

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Reading these, I can't help but notice myself holding things, or carrying them in my backpack, and REALLY hoping I don't get arrested and have all my belongings put in separate bags and saved forever.

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Police Officers Share The Craziest Situations They've Ever Been In

We do not give our friends in blue enough credit. They face situations we can only try NOT to dream of. Danger lurks in every second, every second of their shifts. And Lord do they have some stories of survival to tell. Being a police officer is a whirlwind of crazy. And we need to know more.

Redditor u/Yokeyoyo wanted to hear from all the brothers and sisters in blue by asking.... Police Officers of Reddit, what's the craziest situation you've been in?

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Police Officers Break Down How Stupid Calls Became Serious In An Instant

911 is not a joke people! Calling in the police is something you must be sure about. Once those in blue are involved, the game changes. However, it can be surprising how small incidents can turn into mayhem and tragedy. Life can flip in an instant, so just be competent as a person.

Redditor u/TurdNugget6952 wanted law enforcement to speak up about the consequences when dialing 911 without purpose by asking.... Police of reddit, what dumb call turned serious very quickly?

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