When you’re married, you don’t have to do everything together. But there are times when it’s really nice to, and vacations are one of those times. That’s why Redditor sethborf tried to make sure his wife could come with him on his family’s vacation to the beach. However, she drops out, and gets mad at […] More
No two people have the same relationship with dogs. Even though dogs are commonly known as “man’s best friend”, some people’s feelings towards dogs are anything but friendly. While some find dogs comforting, adorable and loyal, others might be allergic to or scared of dogs. Thus, they tend to avoid being around dogs whenever possible. […] More
The fear of very common or necessary things in life can lead to a whole host of problems. How do you handle being afraid of someone you need to see regularly, like the dentist? Redditor Rycax’s wife has this exact problem. The original poster (OP) doesn’t think his wife handled the situation in the best […] More
When you really love animals, it can be difficult to understand that for some people, animals are their greatest fear. And when it comes to pets, people often think that their special animal will be the one to cure others of their fears if they just give the pet a chance. A woman on Reddit […] More
The way we dress is seen as a reflection of who we are. Our clothes speak for us before we ever open our mouth. What happens, though, when the clothing we choose rubs some people the wrong way? This was the problem facing Redditor and Original Poster (OP) Any-Contribution-188 when she came to the “Am […] More