When your life hangs in the balance on the operating table, the last thing you want to hear – if you're conscious – from a surgeon is, "Oh, sh*t!"

At that moment, many scenarios may flash before your eyes.

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roc_and_rollHuman beings contain an unbelievable capacity to oppose their own well-being in pursuit of a preserved ego.

This holds true even when discussing the best approach to personal health with the person most qualified to help. People are crazy.

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Some doctors have the kinds of specialties that might make others cringe - but those doctors who specialize in reproductive and excretory systems are literal life savers! That doesn't mean they're immune to the sorts of embarrassing moments that happen to us all.

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Doctors deal with people from all walks of life and all different situations, but one fairly constant thing is the stuff people decide to lie about.

Whether it's out of embarrassment or some other motivation, folks lie about all sorts of things. Most doctors are just trying to help you the best they can though, and whatever embarrassing secrets you may have, they've probably heard it before.

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For most of us, a bad day at work might mean a missed deadline, having to fire off a few snarky "per my last email"s or maybe a snoozefest of a meeting. For medical professionals a bad day at work can mean literally the worst - or last - day of someone's life.

These are those stories.

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