A couple hold hands
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

There are two groups of people in this world.

Those who believe in monogamy and those who don't.

People cheat. It's just the way some humans work.

If you're an avid soap opera fan, as I am, then you'll understand that infidelity is part of the package.

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couple in silhouhette
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A breakup is never a decision to be taken lightly.

And be it amicable or not, ending a relationship will always come with hurt, anger, and tears.

In some cases though, it becomes abundantly clear that staying in this relationship isn't a good idea, particularly if it's for health or safety reasons.

In other cases, however, it might take some reflection, as you might feel as if something about your relationship isn't working, but can't exactly figure out what it is.

Until, without any warning, it becomes clear as day.

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A man and woman walk through the woods holding hands
Photo by Corryne Wooten on Unsplash

Oh, the things our loved ones will say.

When you love someone, you accept a lot.

But when something bizarre comes out of their mouths, we sometimes must acknowledge it.

How often have you said... "Did you really say that?"

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The Most Eye-Opening Things People Realized After Living With A Woman
Photo by No Revisions on Unsplash

I've lived with women most of my life.

I went from my mom's house to jumping around with roommates.

But women tend to be particular.

About many things.

And there is always a ton of bathroom issues because guys can be gross without even realizing it.

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Things That Make A Potential Romantic Partner Instantly Unattractive
Photo by René Ranisch on Unsplash

As the saying goes, true beauty comes from within

While physical attraction is indeed important in finding a romantic partner, it can be the sole factor one bases their decision on.

As some unpleasant surprises might be disguised in attractive packages.

No matter how chiseled their jaw-line, how much their eyes glisten, or how luxurious their hair feels as you rub your fingers through it, it might take only one small action from this seemingly perfect specimen to overshadow any and all remnants of beauty.

Making one think they might as well be on a date with a troll from under the bridge.

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