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The Strangest Paranormal Activity People Witnessed

"Reddit user AdonisBlackwood asked: 'What paranormal activities have you witnessed?'"

The paranormal is among us at all times.

The ghosts, the spirits, they "live" in their death.

Sometimes a coincidence or a phenomenon is something more.

Leftover essences have been seen and recorded.

Now not everybody is cool with every encounter.

I still have shivers depending on the mood.

But when will we all be on the same page and start living 'Beetlejuice?'


That could help with the spookiness of it all.

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People Describe The Most Distressing Paranormal Activity They've Ever Experienced
Nathan Wright on Unsplash

Is the paranormal real?

While there are plenty of skeptics, there are many who insist that it is, and that they have the experiences to prove it.

And suppose you do think the paranormal is a thing. It would likely scare you. It might even scare you a lot. So much so that you'll be writing about it years later on a Reddit forum.

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Ghost Hunters Share The Scariest Paranormal Experience They've Ever Had
Image by Nick Magwood from Pixabay

It is amazing that people can make a bucket load of cash from being in pursuit of things in life. Sure you have bounty hunters who chase the bail jumpers and criminals. And then there are all those nutty weather people who chase tornadoes, and twisters. But chasing ghosts? Now that is special. Ghost hunting isn't just an A&E special; it has become a profession and serious passion. Proving the afterlife is a serious task. So let's hear about the progress.

Redditor u/MaxBuddyRoo wanted to hear why it may not be the best idea to chase the spirits by asking.... Ghosthunters of Reddit, what was your scariest experience yet and why?
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People Break Down The Most Compelling Paranormal Things They've Ever Experienced
Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

The paranormal is a constant in our lives. I refuse to believe every creek in a house is the house itself "settling", sometimes that is grandma trying to give a message, or a lost soul hollering out. And as much as we love shows and movies about this stuff... nobody really wants to be Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost. I'm already afraid that serial killers are lurking in the shadows. That is more than enough to worry about.

Redditor u/chipit69 wanted to discuss the times the spooky has come knocking by asking..... What's the most compelling 'paranormal' thing you've experienced? Did it change your worldview? (Serious)
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