outer space

People Describe The Creepiest Message We Could Ever Receive From Outer Space
NASA on Unsplash

What is waiting for us in outer space?

Do we really want to know?

I don't. But we should probably figure it out.

Just in case we are not alone.

And any missive sent from above would worry me.

But knowledge is power.

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UFO Enthusiasts Break Down The Most Significant Pieces Of Evidence That Support Extraterrestrial Life
Image by Pawel86 from Pixabay

One of life's eternal questions and wonders revolves around proving that life exists outside of Earth and the human race. Have we truly shown that there are aliens out there or even among us? Some people swear they have the solid proof. Many people believe that we've all been witness to actual phenomenons that are irrefutable hard evidence. Of course it has long been believed the government is housing all the answers in a bunker in the desert. I'm not sure myself, but... I believe Will Smith knows.

Redditor u/theEthan420 wanted to finally find the proof we have long been waiting for about those that live above us, they asked.... [Serious] UFO enthusiasts of Reddit, what is the most significant piece of evidence supporting extra terrestrial life?
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