When we see a loved one doing something that could get them hurt, we may find ourselves stepping in to help or to encourage them away from the activity. But there are people who will absolutely hold our cautions against us, agreed the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit, sometimes to the point that it changes […] More
Deep-Sea Divers Share Their Horror Stories
Alex Rose on Unsplash

Don't mess with the ocean.

Why is that a hard rule for some?

It's like people can't help themselves.

Though it is vast and beautiful, the ocean takes life every day.

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People Share The Most Disturbing Facts They Know About The Ocean
Photo by Marek Okon on Unsplash

When you watch "The Little Mermaid", you think that life under the sea is the greatest place on Earth.

The crystal blue waters and the cool, calm ripples.

The musical numbers.

What a lie. The ocean is death waiting to happen.

There are things we've long suspected waiting for us.

And things we couldn't have possibly thought could be real.

Get out of the water kids.

Let that crazy old lady give the diamond to the sea as a sacrifice.

Redditor this_is_not_me_6 wanted to discuss all the things we may not want to know, but should about the sea... they asked:

"What are some disturbing facts about the ocean?"
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We really don't know much about what's in our oceans. That's a very scary thought. It's also enormous, so the stories of people who have been lost out in it for weeks at a time can really creep you out. What the hell are we doing out there? Isn't being on land freaky enough?

Oh, and did none of you watch Jaws? If that's not reason enough to stay on land, I don't know what is. Some of you are way too brave for your own good.

As beautiful as the ocean can be, many people have had some unnerving experiences. We heard some of them after Redditor anchorwitch asked the online community,

"Sailors, scuba divers, surfers, and others…have you seen or experienced anything on or in the water that gave you the creeps? What is your creepiest ocean-related experience?"
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The ocean is enormous and we don't know everything that's down there. How could we possibly know? That's what makes the ocean so alluring, even terrifying, for some. The fear of the unknown is powerful and there are few things that can make you feel so inconsequential as being out there... seeing nothing but ocean and sky for thousands of miles all around.

Safe to say that I don't like the idea of spending all that time out there, and neither would those who were kind enough to respond after Redditor DagothSlur asked the online community,

"What would be the creepiest thing for humans to discover in the ocean?"
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