not paid enough

There are jobs that our psyche can't deal with for very long.

Sometimes you take a job because you like to eat.

You want a place to live.

Sure, it may not be in the wheelhouse of your educational degree... but you have to eat.

But everyone does begin to reach the point of... I'm over it.

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Employees Share Their Best "I Don't Get Paid Enough For This" Stories

This crazy is beneath my pay grade....

There are just somethings that occur over time in employment that are no go moment! One day you're gingerly doing what is required of you in the contract and then suddenly you're accomplishing feats of insanity flung at you without warning. And when those moments arise we have to either suck it up or stand up and say "Not today Satan! There isn't enough money in the world!"

Redditor u/itsLPUsoldier asked everyone on Reddit to tell us a few tales about employment by asking.... What's your "I don't get paid enough for this" moment?

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