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People Share The Questions They're Too Embarrassed To Ask The LGBTQ+ Community
Photo by Sara Rampazzo on Unsplash

It's PRIDE month. It's time to be loud and proud.

Well, every minute of everyday we should be loud and proud.

But this month gives you an extra special buzz.

So in the spirit of learning, we will be taking questions from the class.

I know cisgender straight people still have a lot they don't understand.

What do you need to know?

Redditor hre_nft wanted everyone to feel comfortable enough to be as aloud what they've been waiting to ask a queer person. Safe space for all. They asked:

"What question have you always wanted to ask LGBTQ+ people but didn’t because you don’t want to offend them?"
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Non-Binary 8-Year-Old Perfectly Explains What It Felt Like To Come Out, And We Should All Take Note
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An 8-year-old in Alleghany County, Pennsylvania illustrated that, indeed, the times they are a-changin'.

The empowered second-grader asserted her non-binary identity with unapologetic grace and simplicity.

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Mom Calls Out Sexist School Code, Says She May Label Her Son As 'Non-Binary' So She Doesn't Have To Cut His Long Locks

In the UK, one mother is considering labeling her son non-binary after struggling to find schools that will accept boys with long hair.

Bonnie Miller, aka @badmotherblogger on Instagram found herself hitting a major obstacle while deciding where to send her 8-year-old son, Farouk James, for secondary school (what is called Middle and High School in the U.S.).

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Mom Didn't Know What To Call Her Non-Binary Child After They Came Out—So She Came Up With The Cutest Nickname Ever
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Karuna Vellino, known as @blondbutch on Twitter, recently shared an adorable text message from their mother.

It seems mom has been trying to come up with a new gender-neutral pet name for Karuna, who recently came out as non-binary.

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