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Expensive Purchases People Have Absolutely No Regrets About Buying

Reddit user sir_nams asked: 'What is an item you spent way too much money on but have no regrets buying?'

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Money is tight for many people.

But sometimes paying more is better than pinching pennies.

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Some of us just love the more scandalous moments in life.

They can be too far and few in between.

But when they come around, they always provide a good story.

Who doesn't love great mic drop action?

There is such freedom in embracing the... "I did that. And what?!" mentality.

Try it sometime. Within reason, of course.

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People Describe The Darkest Thing They've Ever Done That They Don't Regret
Photo by Ashley Jurius on Unsplash

Sometimes we do things that have to be done.

And some of those things live in life's gray area of right and wrong.

What comes as a surprise to some is when we don't care if we're wrong.

We may still technically be in the right.

But morally and ethically, there may be some issues.

But still, many people don't care.

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People Explain What They Absolutely Don't Regret Doing Even Though They're Not Proud Of It

Sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do.

And when we do... it may not be the most sophisticated or ethical choice.

We've all done things we're not proud of.

And some of those things were straight up wrong.

Wrong... but necessary.

The truth is, we're all human and that means we all cross a line now and again.

That can be how kharma is delivered.

Redditor MoKittty wanted to hear about what people have no shame in admitting, though maybe they should.

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A vital part of survival in life is finance. As much as they say money isn't everything, it certainly is a whole lot of something. Saving money and finding ways to be frugal is a smart and efficient way to find financial stability. But every once in awhile there is definitely good reason to splurge a bit and spend money on an important product or an indulgence that will enhance your existence and bring a smile.

Redditor u/TheCommentPolice519 wanted to know who had no issue throwing out that coin by asking...
What is expensive but worth it?
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