People Who've Stumbled Upon A Dead Body Share Their Story
Image by soumen82hazra from Pixabay

Even for those who work in careers where co-mingling with the deceased is a regular thing, seeing the dead is never normal. And the more gruesome the ending, the more unforgettable in the worst way. I often tend to skip going up to an open casket at funerals, so I can't imagine stumbling across the dead randomly. I close my eyes when I kill spiders.

Redditor u/ideologistpool wanted to know who has made some grisly discoveries they felt like chatting about by asking.... [SERIOUS] People who stumbled on a dead body, what's your story?

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Life is scary. There are daily reminders that we are not inhuman and that we are vulnerable to the world at large. Anything can be viewed as frightening. And it should be! Now that is not to say we shouldn't live free and take risks but, we have to live smart. Ghosts are real. Crazy people live among us (and run our government). The air is poisoned and cars are weapons. I could go on. But we all need to be able to sleep sometime.

Redditor reddit wanted to see who would be willing to share what are things that haunt us all by asking.... (Serious) what scares you the most?
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Woman Tries To Wake Her Husband Up From A Nightmare—And They Both Instantly Regret It
Stevanovicigor / Getty images

There's something inherently scary about something happening to you when you're sleeping.

It's the time of day you are most vulnerable, when it's too dark to see, and too exhausted to fight back.

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People Share Their Most Vivid Recurring Nightmares

Growing up, my favorite cartoon was ThunderCats. Oddly, the ThunderCats are also the subject of my oldest recurring nightmare. My friends and family all know about the nightmare, it comes up quite often because they think it's so ridiculous. If you're into dream interpretation, grab your popcorn. Here we go.

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'My Crush Shot Me' And Other Dreams People Couldn't Shake

Dreams can play out like reflections of our reality. Sometimes, they're bringing out deep desires in our subconscious. Other times they play out the most outlandish connections and images we can see. So, when our dreams lead us down a dark and bizarre path we never really get over, it's important to analyze it. You need to see what it's trying to tell you.

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