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Night Shift Workers Share The Scariest Things They've Ever Experienced On The Job
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Working in the dark hours of the night has never been appealing to me.

Those are the club's best hours.

But also, things do go bump in the night.

And in this timeframe is when workers are most alone.

If you're having to work those hours though, try to be in a cheery place.

You know, a location with living bodies, not dead ones.

Redditor give-orange-houses wanted to hear from the people who work while we're asleep. What scares you? They asked:

"Night shift workers of reddit, what is your scariest experience while working?"
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People Share Their Night Shift Horror Stories
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Working overnights can take a toll on one's psyche. When you're predominantly spending you're only waking hours in the dark, life can get a little draining. Aside from that, the wee hours of the night also come with surprises. There is a reason that most horror movies take place after the sun has set, the night comes with some chills and spooks. And yes the kooks love to run amok under the moon. So working the night shift can leave you a bit shook now and again. Shook, like Stephen King shook.

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People Who Work The Night Shift Break Down Their Craziest Paranormal Experience
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Some people prefer working the night shift.

There's usually less people around, and the situation is ideal for night owls.

It's also ideal for things that go bump in the night.

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