Looking at a friend in a new light can be a massive surprise.

They always say, lovers should be friends as well.

It happens all the time.

Love and lust was always right there and we didn't see it for awhile.

It can be an awkward realization at first, but if you pass up the chance when the feeling strikes, you could regret it.

Look at "My Best Friend's Wedding."

And most of the time it just takes a quick moment and BAM!

Everything changes.

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I never know the age of anything.

It's funny how we look at certain aspects of life and just have a certain sense of nostalgia attached.

Take Adele for instance. It feels like she's been a part of our lives forever.

But she's only 4 albums in.

That's a drop in the musical bucket.

A very magical and musical bucket.

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One always puts their lunch somewhat at risk by leaving it in the office refrigerator. Any number of things might happen to it, including going bad should the fridge lose power, or becoming contaminated should other people’s food or drink spill on it. Of course, the biggest risk one takes when leaving food in a […] More
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People Share The Coolest Facts They Know
Photo by Agence Olloweb on Unsplash

The world is a cool place. So much is happening at any one second here on our planet earth, that at any moment there are so many cool things happening that you don't even know about.

But when you do know about it, it makes life that much more rich and interesting, and sharing that fact with others can bring them into that fold.

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