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People Share The Absolute Craziest Names They've Ever Come Across

Reddit user Soy_nanami asked: 'What's the ugliest name you've ever come across?'

Cannister with the "Helly my name is..." insignia
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Naming a child with a unique name can be quite a challenge, but it is one that many people are willing to take on.

However, there are risks involved.

You don't want to come across as unoriginal, but you also don't want to burden the child with a lifetime of mockery and ridicule for a moniker that didn't seem silly at the time of the naming.

While some people succeed at this, others fail miserably and...well, poor child.

Curious to hear of epic name fail, Redditor Soy_nanami asked:

"What's the ugliest name you've ever come across?"

There's a theme going on here.

"My sister has classmates named Pigeon and Beans."

– Abug_sa_Yawa

"Wait, one was Pigeon and another was Beans, or one poor unfortunate soul was Pigeon And Beans?"

– rancidtuna

If The Names Fit

"my sister had classmates in the 5th grade that were Levi, Jean, Denim, and Blu. not so much ugly I guess. but their names together make a sentence. Blu Denim Levi Jeans."

– puppycatisselfish

"The twins. Fly and button."

– 111110001011

It's A Choice

"X Æ A-XII "It's pronounced 'Kyle' ... F'k off Musk"

– The_Evil_Owl

"No, it's 'Ash.'"

– rdickeyvii

"I thought it was pronounced Sasha but it's anyone's guess."

– Cali_4_nia

These don't roll off the tongue so easily.

Name Fit For A Villain

"My Great, Great Aunt DARTHULA. She hated the name so much she signed her marriage certificate as 'Thuley'. I had a helluva time tracking her down because of this 🤣"

– StevenGaryStout

"Darth ula was the dark Lord of the family, so powerful and so wise, she could even keep the ones she cared about, from Karens."

– ResistRacism

See Ya Later


"I live in south America. This would be something like "Goodbyebro.'"

– Raigheb

Unfortunate Correlation

"Candida (as in Candida Doyle of Pulp). I'm sorry. What a name. Like the genital fungus?"

– samit2heck

"It's rather sad that these Latin-influenced names have these collocations now. It's a pretty cool name, and means 'white' or 'bright.'"

– curmudgeonpl

Getting into NSFW territory.

Oh Myyy

"A guy I know is called Nuttaporn. Nutty for short."

– pantheonofpolyphony

"Porn is very common in Thai names."

– grosselisse

"I've seen quite a few over years in a call centre but Kok Hung Lo was my all time favourite name."

– bigredmidget

Bordering On A Slur

"I served with a guy in the military whose surname is Fagg, you refer to everyone in the military by their surname. You can imagine how that went down."

– Weak-Tap-5831

"Oooh, the military. Last names were sometimes unfortunately hilarious. The two that come to mind immediately are Browneye ('Browneye aye!') and a girl whose last name was Guzzler or Guzzlar (in the Navy, the third enlisted rank’s title was “Seaman”, which everyone in my rate started out as)"

– Game_Changing_Pawn

They Got Around

"Slutt. Prounced slooth."

– Huge-Advantage7838

"How to make sure your kid gets bullied."

– heisl_

"You can’t fix stupid."

– hyperion420

"People will pronounce that however they please."

– SappySoulTaker

Her Dad Was The Worst

"Went to school back in the 90s and 2000s with a girl named Ashely Head. It came to light one day back in jr. High that her dad's name was Richard 'Dick' Head and their number was listed in the phone book. The prank calls came so fast."

– gil_beard

A Little Jarring

"A friend's mum was called Kunti. Maybe it's not ugly but you definitely get a shock when you hear it the first few times."

– Teefdreams

"Kunti is a common name in India. It’s not pronounced Cuhnty. The u is pronounced like the u in Uber."

– Ill-Inspector7980

It wasn't the ugliest name but a friend told me about a guy he knew whose name was Otis.

His surname was Payne.

While I personally think it's a cool name when read together, I'm sure he was subjected to lots of mockery.

So, if you read this Otis Payne, I feel for you for all the ribbing, or "Payne" you must've suffered through.

"Ohhh-dis Payne!"

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