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At least when it comes to entertainment, we're all taught to believe that being kind will take you far and that the good guy always wins over the villain.

But even in movies and TV shows, sometimes that isn't true anymore, and that can make a far more compelling story.

Note: there are massive spoilers below. You have been warned.

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Lit up movie theater at night time
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In the golden age of entertainment, there are hundreds and thousands of amazing movies to choose from, with more coming out all the time.

But there always seem to be some that become popular with the masses for no particular reason...

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Cameraman filming woman in front of window
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Anyone who loves watching movies or television shows undoubtedly has a favorite actor and film.

Most will also be able to answer a very important question: which performance was so good that it's truly irreplaceable?

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Black and white film production clapperboard with movie theater popcorn
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Due to the nature of the discussion, this article contains movie spoilers.

There's nothing quite like sitting down to watch an incredibly good movie with equally great company and food.

But the movie can become a particularly special experience if it's surprising in some way, like having a unique plot twist.

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In real life, it’s basically impossible to get shot at 50 times and not get hit at least once. However, in movies, it happens all the time.

In real life, powerful criminals who are posing as good guys and have things to hide don’t use their pet’s name as their computer password. Again, in movies, it happens all the time.

Movies are great. They are a wonderful source of entertainment and a great way to bring talented people into the limelight. Watching a movie is a perfect activity for a date, a sleepover, or even a rainy day. However, movies are highly unrealistic.

I’m not just talking about fantasy movies, either. For example, Superman is invulnerable, so he gets a pass when he gets thrown into a building and gets right back up again. But how is it possible that the average Joe gets shot in the leg and just keeps moving? It’s not just unbelievable, but irritating too!

Redditors agree with this sentiment, as they were all too happy to share what they think are the most unrealistic -- and therefore annoying -- things that happen in movies.

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