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When families come together with the union of two people in love, the goal is for everyone to get along and have their days be filled with endless laughter and rainbows.

Is that too much to ask? Apparently, it is.

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Old gender stereotypes pervade every facet of society. Under the umbrella of parenting alone, we could spend all day naming them.
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Presidential candidates for the 2020 election dedicated some time on the campaign trail to thank their moms on the occasion of Mother's Day.

Many expressed their gratitude for their mothers' love, guidance, and the encouragement to help carve themselves a path to become future leaders.

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When women become mothers, they unlock an innate ability to know everything their child is up to at all times, or so the stories go. Kids, get with the program: You can't hide anything from mom. It's just not possible, as these mothers can attest.'

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