When a couple makes a decision to expand their family, and bring children into the world, one hopes that they will both step up to the plate when it comes to parenting. Which not only entails both of them being abundantly active in their child’s life, but equally dividing who gets up in the middle […] More
Handling a neighbor can be a little difficult. Sure, maybe they leave you a lone and you barely know they exist. But maybe you have a neighbor who gets very involved in your life and you don’t know what to do about their intrusions. Somehow, Redditor Frosty_Intern9055 has a neighbor who became both. The original […] More
Being a maid of honor is, indeed, an honor. Being chosen for the position means that the bride considers you to be her absolute closest friend, and wants you to be there with her as she enters into a new life. Even if being a maid, or matron, of honor in the modern world also […] More
Kids grow up so fast. Which is why it is very important to make sure that kids have plenty of time to be kids. Which isn’t to say that children don’t need to learn about responsibility, or can run amok without consequences. But they also shouldn’t be forced into adult roles and duties they aren’t […] More
Planning a wedding is a nightmare of scheduling and pricing and just ensuring things go well enough that you can look back on the event without too much regret. If you’re Redditor Primary-Pepper1532, you also have the added issue of your estranged mother trying to upstage you. While it’s understandable that the original poster (OP) […] More