On the popular subreddit "Am I The A**hole?" Reddit users congregate to see whether their strange behavior is justified morally.

One of this past week's most viral posts was from a user named aWorkProblem0, who explained why she's been dressing "frumpier" at work.

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Don Mason via Getty Images

A recent car-buying woman quickly found herself at the dealership watching two dudes discuss cars.

If she wanted that, she could've just stayed home and watched Pimp My Ride.

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L: @JasonSCampbell / Twitter, R: The Witcher / Netflix

This week, another conservative commentator was schooled for their misogynist take on fictional entertainment.

People has had no problem giving him a lesson.

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NCCUMC / Vimeo

Sexism in the workplace is nothing new.

It's been going on for ages.

There are some situations, though, that you sort of expect that people would just ... be better about.

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Westend61/Getty Images, @sswyrs/Twitter

It can often be hard to believe that, in the 21st century, misogyny can still be so rampant.

But one viral thread recently pointed out just how deeply ingrained and pervasive it truly is in our society.

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