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People Reveal The Most F*cked Up Things They Did As Children
Photo by Ashley Jurius on Unsplash

Let’s face it: kids do stupid things. We’re all guilty of it.

I did a lot of stupid things as a child. Once, I drank kerosene out of a kerosene lamp, presumably to see what would happen (hint: what happened involved the emergency room).

Sometimes, as kids, we do something that’s more than stupid; it’s really wrong and f*cked up. Those are the things that people regret doing when they look back on it.

Plenty of Redditors came name the things they did as children that they now regret, and they’re more than happy to share.

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People Break Down The Most Messed Up Thing Their Classmates Did In School
MChe Lee on Unsplash

Not everyone's maturity level belied their age back in school.

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New Mexico Authorities Give Stern Warning To Puppy After It Starts A Fire And Then Causually Sits Back And Watches House Burn
Los Alamos County Fire Department/Facebook

Puppies are widely known for their tendency to cause mischief, but one New Mexico pup named Kahuna outdid himself when he managed to start a fire while his owners were out of the house.

Not only did Kahuna accidentally start a fire, he also calmly sat and watched as the flames grew ever higher.

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