metal detector

People Who Use Metal Detectors Describe The Coolest Thing They've Ever Found
Jack B / Unsplash

We know "metal detectors" and "cool" aren't typically used in the same sentence, but rock with us on this one.

Imagine if you found something really undeniably awesome. Would it make the hours of pacing and searching worth it?

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People Who Use Metal Detectors To Find Hidden Treasures Describe The Best Things They've Found
Roger Starnes Sr on Unsplash

Ever use a metal detector?

I always found the site of them rather funny. They were always used on the beach and the men who used them–yes, always men–were exclusively between 50 and 225 years old. I could probably write an award-winning academic thesis on it. Would be fun.

But as much as I kid, people have found stuff using these kooky contraptions.

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