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People Explain Which Childhood Meals They Now Realize Were F**ked Up
Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

Oh the things we've all eaten.

Sometimes I look back on the day when my stomach was adventurous and I'm stunned at my stupidity.

Or I'm shocked by the adults who were around me.

But even into my 20s things didn't get better.

How we get through life with what we're willing to consume... it's a miracle.

Redditor MawedUpScribble wanted to chat about the questionable menus we've been fed or eaten by choice. They asked:

"What did you eat as a kid that you now realize was really f*cked up?"
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People Describe The Quickest Ways Someone Can F*** Up Their Life
Photo by Jan Kopřiva on Unsplash

We make choices, practically thousands within a day.

Sometimes we make choices within choices.

And each choice is a gamble.

We can burn our lives to the ground without a match.

And often destruction is fast and furious.

Redditor NinhaLatina wanted to give out some warnings to everyone on how to keep life on track... they asked:

"What is the quickest way to f**k up your life?"
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People Describe The Most F**ked Up Thing They Ever Did At A Sleepover
Allen Taylor on Unsplash

Sleepovers are a fun rite of passage that allows kids to have some overnight fun with their besties without their parents around.

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People Break Down The Biggest Signs Society Is Messed Up
C Joyful on Unsplash

We have a skewed view on the treatment of others, thanks to social media, where cancel culture runs prevalent in punishing those who committed a variety of indiscretions.

While there are many acts of kindness not getting the amount of attention they deserve, our society is getting a bad rap because of a lot of negativity portrayed on the news.
Is this indicative of a screwed-up world in which many of us have lost our way?
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People Divulge The Most F**ked Up Facts They Know
OSPAN ALI/Unsplash

The world can be an exceptionally strange and cruel place. The more we know about it, the more we may lose our faith in humanity.

Some facts we may never learn in a history book or even hear about on the news. We wanted to know what some of the most outrageous and f*cked up facts people have heard.

What better place to go that Ask Reddit, where people from all over the world can comment.

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