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Guys Share Warning Signs That Someone's Being Used By A Woman
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Love makes us all blind. Oh heck, lust makes us straight up blind and stupid. We all need to start paying attention to the people who are just using and abusing. Don't get used up for another person's agenda.

The signs are always there. In NEON and FIRE. All you gents have to do is open your eyes.

Redditor u/Darkbrotherhood1 wanted to know what red flags the men out there need to see sooner than later by asking:

Guys, What's a good sign that a woman is just using you?
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We hear all the time about how men and women are so different they might as well be from other planets. One Reddit user asked:

Men of Reddit, what is the hardest thing to explain to a woman?

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Gentlemen.... are you comfortable? If not please do find a seat. The ladies have a few things to say. There are some lessons that need to be distributed to the masses. Women have a few things to say about their thoughts, wants and desires and it's time to listen. Get a notepad or pull out your phone to record. You'll be a better man for it guys. And boys and men of all ages can learn something.

Redditor u/anotherphilosophygal wanted all boys to listen up and take some notes cause some tea is about to be served by asking.... Women of Reddit, what's something important you think men really don't understand about being a woman?
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Men Confess Which Traditionally 'Unmasculine' Things They Truly Enjoy
Photo by Abby Savage on Unsplash

We've reached a point in society where gender roles mean nothing.

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Guys Share Which Things Men Do That Make Them Lose All Respect

Men want men to know that having and showing respect is something vital for all of us. Always. There is no reason to act a fool to impress others or, just in general. Most of the time women will speak up about men's behavior first and they're told they are being hysterical. But other men have somethings to share about what behavior constitutes a fool and being an actual man.

Redditor u/JumboMoonz wanted all the gents out there to speak up to other gents by asking.... Guys of Reddit, What is something that you absolutely cannot respect another guy for doing ?

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