I love movies. I can't wait to go back to sitting in a theater and watching a new story unfold before my eyes. However, just because I love film doesn't mean I can't embrace and call out its flaws. There are some films that are really fantastic and entertaining but upon reflection, the story has issues. And some issues haunt you. They haunt you because the movie was so close to perfect and yet...

Redditor u/KentuckyFriedEel wanted to discuss the films that still haunt us, and not in a good way. They asked... What movie plothole still bothers you to this day?
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Have you ever experienced something that never made sense no matter how much you wracked your brain?

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If you ever had a vivid memory about something that never happened, you are in the majority.

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Teaching is truly a noble and essential profession. If 2020 has taught parents anything it's that. And what is most missed is the connection, the face to face that develops between educator and pupil. That connection is something that can sustain and make change. For the good or bad. Teachers meet and greet a countless number of students over the years. So it's aways fascinating to find out which faces among the many stood out.

Redditor u/Jade-Spade was hoping the educators out there would be willing to share some tales about pupils that have lasted in the memory and why by asking.... Teachers of reddit,what student will you never forget?

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When we're young the world can be a scary place, hell, as an adult living in 2020.... I'm still frightened. When we're growing up there are so many things we aren't able to comprehend until a certain age and more often than not--out of shame or embarrassment--we tend to not ask the adults to explain sooner. There a life lesson for children early on, ask, no matter how bizarre it seems. Imagine the hours of haunted sleep that would be saved? Paranoia as a child is no fun, and that memory stays with you, viscerally.

Redditor u/silvermoon_182 wanted everyone to let their inner child speak out all the spooks they had to endure by asking.... What random thing were you paranoid about as a child?
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