History is ofte thought of a team sport. In school, we study history so that we don't repeat it.

In society, research and breakthroughs made by a certain team will help unlock answers for the next group of people.

However, there are some historical inventions, advancements, or even failures that come down to the actions and decisions of just one person. These historical figures are still talked about today.

Curious to learn more, Redditor MisterDecember asked:

"What decision by a single person had the biggest impact on human history?"
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People Explain Which Items In Life Should Always Be Free
Photo by Levi Ventura on Unsplash

Short of having a shopping addiction, no one actually likes spending money on stuff.

Why would you ever willingly give it away? It's your money!

Which might be why it feels so bad when you have to spend money of something that should be free from the beginning. People/ corporations are going to chase that cheddar, though, so there's little you can do besides complain, which frankly might be the best thing the internet is for.

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Why not?

That's the base question we can start from. "Why not?" There doesn't seem to be any good reason why some magical pill or metal rod we shove in our arms doesn't already exist in some capacity, but that's facts. Male birth control, on the same level as female birth control, is not a thing.

Surgically, there are options, sure. But ask any man under 40 to get the procedure done and you would not believe the swiftness of which they'll change the subject.

People have a lot of thoughts on this. Let's listen.

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People Describe The Historical Figures Who Were Mocked But Later Proven Right
Online Marketing on Unsplash

You don't realize you're living in history, until long after the moment is gone.

What can feel like small, mini moments, might add up to something in the long run.

A choice, a decision, an action, all building towards the finality of your life.

Unfortunately, some people's actions might have rubbed others the wrong way, bringing upon themselves mockery and shame.


For being right, it turns out.

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People Confess Which Everyday Things Have A Surprisingly Twisted Origin Story
Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

It's stuff like this which gives birth to the phrase, "This is why we can't have nice things."

Of course, you could always look past the unfortunate history almost every item possesses.

After all, it's not your fault the shoes you might be wearing were invented by Nazis or the car you're about to get into was developed by Nazis or the dealership you drive by was once run by a Japanese company who associated with the Nazis.

Manufacturing has a long, complex history.

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